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August 2008

The end of Asia...finally!

Kristin and I arrived in Bangkok this morning to exhaust, angry taxi and tuk-tuk drivers, and cranky market ladies. Asia has finally come to a close. Kristin leaves in 3 hours and I leave tomorrow morning way too early for my comfort. This trip has been an exceptional way to shock my system into living again. After last year with all of the extra jobs, boyfriend difficulties, and marathon troubles, I feel like I'm back in sync with myself. Full speed ahead...once again...with balance only a single gal in her late thirties understands. In some ways I feel like this trip made me realize I'm not so keen on cheap backpacker trips, but am too poor to travel the "5-star" way. I've moved myself up to the 3 star mode of travel. Thailand reminded me a lot of Peace Corps with riding in the backs of dirty trucks, eating from street vendors, smelling exhaust and food EVERYWHERE and a certain level of discomfort mixed with adventure. China is far from my mind but I know once I start looking at photos, I'll remember that part of the trip fondly. It's been refreshing spending so much time with Kristin in Thailand. She's a great travel companion. And, thanks to Kylie in China, I began getting back into the game of life again. There won't be any trips in the plans for some time as I really don't want to work 100 jobs. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and send comments. As fun as trips are, it's easy to feel lonely and homesick. I can't wait to see you all! Signing off from...Asia...finally.

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Final day in Chiang Mai

Today's our final day in northern Thailand. Yesterday we visited a museum about the hilltribe people. Today we visited a silk and silver factory. I'm getting anxious to be home with family and friends. I'm not getting excited to start the daily grind called work. I suppose it all goes hand in hand. Kristin and I have a flight to Bangkok tomorrow at 8:00 AM. She leaves tomorrow night at midnight and I leave the following day at 9 AM. We arrive within an hour of each other.

Stay tuned for the last blog tomorrow. :)

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Jungle Fever

Wow... that was quite the adventure! While the things we did were amazing, it feels SOOO good to be back in Chiang Mai. I got quite ill on the trek. It came on suddenly and for the last hour of our hike on slippery, steep, muddy trails, I was throwing up off and on. Our guide, "Dee" was so sweet. He patted my back and fanned me with a big leaf. I felt pretty miserable. Kristin was remarkable. She was and has been ill for a week or so now and she managed to hang out by my side each of the many times I vomited. Carrying packs, slipping on mud, and watching a friend by ill, is no fun when you are also sick. When we finally arrived at the hilltribe village, I was still sick. This nice Italian man brought me a coca-cola, which I was able to drink most of before emptying the gut again. Kristin and I turned in immediately while the others hung out. We slept on the floor of this thatched hut on stilts next to a river. The floor was bamboo and had random holes where bamboo had broken, rotted, or just never been built. All of us had individual mosquito nets to tuck under the damp pads on the floor. Throughout the night, I had fever, chills and I felt kind of delirious. I felt like I was spinning. Around 2:00-ish I felt like the fever broke. Could it have been something I ate? Malaria? Dengue Fever? The options really seemed endless. The next morning my fever was gone, but I still didn't feel too great.

I still participated in the elephant trek through the jungle, which was spectacular. Elephants are so massive, but they managed to walk on this muddy trail that would have been narrow for my feet. After the elephant ride, we went on a 2 1/2 hour bamboo raft ride down the river. They literally were finishing making the bamboo rafts as we were getting on. We went down rapids on this thing! Our raft started to fall apart a little and our guide was tying bamboo strings around it as we were flying down the rapids. Quite exciting! It was a great way to begin year 36 of my life.

Arriving back at our 6 dollar a night guest house never felt better. I took a shower and crashed out. The owner of the guesthouse knocked on the door and said that our trekking group was getting ready to leave so we should come and say goodbye. When we all got out in the restaurant portion of the trip, I was surprised by chocolate cake and an endless supply of fresh fruit. Our tour group consisted of a swiss couple, 2 Italian guys, 2 British girls, and a British guy. They are so sweet here.

Down time is in order now. We have been taking it easy since the trek. I have been in out of bed (mostly in). I found two new books at a used book shop and will be sitting in cafes reading and really taking it easy. I think a trip to an air-conditioned Starbucks may be on the agenda for the day.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! As I was spinning on the floor in the thatched roof hut at midnight on the 12th, I thought, "This must be a joke..." I decided it really was a cool place and time to be out of my mind. :) I wonder where I'll be and what I'll be doing at 37?

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Bamboo rafting and elephant trekking

Kristin and I leave today for a 2 day trek to a traditional mountain village. On the way we'll swim in a waterfall, a hot springs, and hike 4 hours. To leave the village, we'll make a bamboo raft and raft for 2 hours and finish with a 1 hour elephant trek to the road and an option to white water raft. The white water rafting is 10K or people can just swim and wait for a truck back to Chiang Mai (the city where we're staying). I don't plan on white water rafting. It's raining pretty hard so I'm sure the jungle trek will be a bit uncomfortable. I suppose it's better to be a bit uncomfortable and have an adventure than hang out in front of my TV watching DVDs in my 750 foot condo. :)

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Thai Cooking

Kristin and I took a Thai cooking class today. We were the only students. Firs, we went to the market to buy the ingredients. I learned how to make Panaeng Curry, sticky rice with mango, spring rolls, coconut chicken soup, and papaya salad. Kristin learned how to make green curry, bananas in coconut milk, spring rolls, coconut chicken soup, and pad thai. The day was amazing. I've eaten SOOOO much food I feel like it's Thanksgiving. We made the curry paste from all fresh ingredients from the market. The paste was made my smashing the ingredients with a heavy stone. It took about 30 minutes. Overall it was pretty easy to make the food. Get ready for a dinner party!

I was going to go to a mediation retreat center for 2 days but it's the Queen's birthday on August 12 (no I'm not talking about me!) Everything is pretty much closed down for the week. Kristin might go on a trek for 2 days, but it includes all the things we did out of Bangkok except you make your own bamboo raft to go down the river AND you see a few hillside villages. I'm thinking I might just hang out in the city and check out the temples.

Thinking of you all. See you next week!

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Last day in my bikini

Tomorrow is the last day I'll be in a bikini and a cotton sundress in Thailand. For the last 7 days that is all I've worn. I'm not sure why I carried any other clothes with me. I bought the bikini and the sundress on the streets of Hat Rai Lay. Kristin and I have a flight to the north of Thailand tomorrow at around 1:00. We're heading to a town called Chiang Mai and plan on trekking in the mountains. This part of the trip has been wonderful. I went snorkeling for the first time ever, saw the Tsunami Memorials on 3 separate islands, and drank lots of cold water and Fantas. We took a day trip snorkeling over to the beach where the movie, "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. The water was so clear you could see the fish swimming around. We also went sea kayaking over to an island full of monkeys. The monkeys came right up to us to play with our paddles. That was a bit freaky, but it was all worth it. The last few days have been remarkable since we've been on islands with no cars and "real" coffee. No instant coffee for me... For the past two nights we stayed on an island called Phi Phi Don. The island has a strip where you can see beach on both sides. Depending on the time of day, you can swim on one side or the other. This island was completely destroyed in the Tsunami. The building are all new and are made out of cement blocks. There were so many tourists on this island I had a hard time relaxing. The night life was insane until about 6 in the morning. The music was so loud we had to wear ear plugs.

Kristin hasn't been feeling well because of the heat, so it'll be good to go to the mountains. If she weren't ill, it would be VERY challenging to pull me away from Hat Rai Lay, which is by far my most favorite beach getaway.

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Hat Rai Lay

Massages on the beach, torquoise waters, caves and lime bluffs lining the beaches...

Kristin and I found heaven. We don't have air conditioning in our bungalow, but we have a pool and a beach a short walk away. The island doesn't have any roads, which is wonderful because there are no cars, motorcycles, or exhaust. I got a massage on the beach with coconut oil and tiger balm (the massage therapist said my muscles were too stressed and tight...). After the massage I floated around in the water for another 15 minutes or so. The massage was only around 6 bucks for a 40 minute massage.

We are staying here tonight and heading to Phi Phi Don tomorrow to try and find another fabulous beach. Our lodging is only around 9 dollars each and we have a nice fan, a private bathroom with hot showers, towels, and a TV with the National Geographic channel in English.

Ok, off to enjoy the pool.

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We made it to the islands. We are in Krabi. There were no taxis when we got dropped off on the highway leading into town. We ended up walking 6K into the city. At one point in the walk we were charged by a bull and were in a couple of stand offs with miserably hot and unkempt dogs. The walk wasn't that much fun. :) Kristin was ill. She got super motion sick on the bus, she'd eaten something bad for breakfast, and I think she was still suffering from heat exhaustion for a 13 mile run the day before. She also forgot her sunglasses in her seat on the bus. When we got on the bus outside the airport we ended up without seats. Kristin got a seat about 40 minutes into the 2.5 hour trip. I got a seat as the third person (basically, I was just leaning up against the seat) about 1 hour in. I felt like I was in the Peace Corps again. Our hotel was only 3 dollars each. It was quite simple with just 2 beds and a fan. The bathroom is a shared one right across the hall. It's super clean so I think it's just PERFECT! We are off to an island call Hat Rai Lay today. We don't have a reservation anywhere so it should be interesting. I had an awesome run this morning along the river. I didn't have to deal with ANY traffic since there was a boardwalk along the banks. I would love to stay here for the rest of the trip but I think it's best to keep exploring.

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I wish I could say that I'm finished with backpacker style "teacher" travel. Unfortunately, I'm only finished with it for another 15 minutes. Kristin somehow managed to get a first class flight to Phuket from Bangkok. She could bring 1 guest into the "lounge". I'm her 1 guest. She had no other choice. :) I'm drinking a capuccino, eating a ham and cheese sandwich while using free internet. The bathrooms have REALLY nice toilets, lotions, and soaps. I even sat down on the toilet seat. Imagine that! I'm glad we didn't get on a standby flight yesterday and miss this. The flight is only an hour long, but this lounge time is worth the first class price. When we arrive in Krabi, our hotel is only 3.00 dollars a night each. Like I said the backpacker style travel is only for another 15 minutes. I really need to find a "sugar daddy!".

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Southern Thailand

This morning I woke up and went for a run in a park called Lumphini Park. It was a little Chinese paradise. :) It is the only place in Bangkok I've ever seen anyone doing any sort of exercise. There was a 3k loop to run, walk, or bike. There was a huge lap pool, which I would have used had I known about it. The grassy areas were full of people practicing Tai Chi and oga, partner dancing, and playing badminton. This park is completely walled off from the city. Too bad there aren't more spaces like this in this dirty, loud city. :) We're off to the airport for our scheduled flight to Phuket. Our plan is to take a 5 hour bus ride to a town called Krabi as soon as our plane lands. Time to get out to the peace and quiet of island living.

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Kristin and I got back to the city last night. The three day tour was so-so. There were a lot of tourists and we kept getting shuffled around to different groups. The lodging was on floating rafts on the Kwai Noi River. We went on a 30 minute elephant ride in the jungle, spent some time at a tiger temple where monks rescue tigers from people who try to make them pets, swam in a waterfall with water so clear you could see the fish swimming at your feet, and spent a lot of time standing around waiting for the tour guides to shuffle us around to different groups. I'm happy I took a tour because we were able to see more around Bangkok without dealing with traffic logistics. I don't think I'll take any more tours here. There was just too much downtime because of the lack of organization. In all we were in 11 different mini-vans in the course of 3 days.

Tomorrow we are off to Phuket (southern Thailand). We tried to go standby today but their flights were all overbooked.

Hope all's well stateside. :)

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