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If you visit Egypt, use Memphis Tours. You will not be disappointed.

My first morning in Cairo, I got off the elevator at my hotel and turned the corner to find smiling Tarek waiting for me. He was such a refreshing sight before I went into breakfast. He wanted to make sure everything was working out at my hotel, and that I was ready for the day. Thank you, Memphis Tours, for going that extra mile to help me feel at ease In Egypt.

The Novotel breakfast buffet was yummy. I ate something I'm going to call Egyptian porridge, a hard-boiled egg, and some honeydew melon. I could have ordered an omelet, but I didn't give myself enough time. I wasn't sure what it would be like to sit alone in the dining hall. I hadn't seen any other foreigners, and the women I'd seen had all been in pairs or groups. It wasn't an issue, though, for future reference.

After breakfast, I met my guide and driver from Memphis Tours. My tour guide was a woman! Yeah! Wonderful! I couldn't have been happier! Shahinaz M. Madany, a Muslim Egyptian woman, was fabulous. She is an Egyptologist. I also met my driver who was a kind Egyptian male who had the skill needed to weave us in and out of Cairo traffic without fail and managed to keep a cool car waiting in the 103-degree desert heat.



Our first stop was the Pyramids. I read about how they were on the outskirts of the city, and there is another city currently being built on the other side. Soon, the urban sprawl will surround this archeological oasis. After I had gotten over the quantity of garbage along the road from Cairo and Giza, I was able to focus on the construction and history of this wonder of the world. I even rode a camel for the first time.



Wow! Shahinaz and I had some laughs at the Sphinx.

While we visited the Coptic Church, the call to prayer sounded over the loudspeaker. It was the first time I heard this. Given the recent bombings at Coptic churches in Egypt, it seemed ominous. My guide translated the words. Throughout my travels, I know I will hear this a lot more.

And, best ever, Kristin Haagensen showed up at 22:30. So nice to see her. It's been too long.

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Waking Up On the Nile

Last night I arrived to Tarek Magdy's smiling face at the Cairo airport. I immediately knew I was in good hands with Memphis Tours. He used his fast pass to expedite the visa and custom's process. Mr. Superstar driver was waiting to "whisk" me through the very busy Cairo streets at 9:00 pm. Portland traffic is nothing compared to Cairo traffic. Although there do not appear to be any traffic lanes or order on the roads, it seems the horn honking, light flashing, and quick cuts across to make a turn are simply understood. Maybe these rules are in the driving manuals you must study prior to getting a license.

After an amazing night's sleep at Novotel Hotel Borg, I awoke to the Nile. Not a bad view from my 5th floor window. I guess I'll just take a stroll over to see one of the great wonders of the world today.

While traveling, I love the newness of everyday tasks like taking a shower and needing to figure out how to get the water on AND at the right temperature.

Well, no time like the present to take on this foggy cool day. Let's do this!


Today I woke up to see the Nile River.

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